UAE is adapting to the growing plant-based nutrition trends

 UAE is always looking for ways to expand their premium product portfolio. Following the increasing market trends towards veganism and plant-based dieting, Greenhouse’s recent partnerships throughout the year aim to cater to this particular market with plant-based alternatives and products. 

“Greenhouse’s brand promise is to deliver premium products, and this is not exclusive to meat lovers”, says Mr. Daniel Chidiac, CEO at Greenhouse Foodstuff Trading LLC in Dubai, UAE.  “We’ve analyzed the market needs and realized there was growing demand for plant-based alternatives, which is why we decided to add it as a new product category.”

Several initiatives, in collaboration with Retailers and Food Service Businesses, have already been launched to make quality plant-based products more accessible to the market. According to the Greenhouse team, this is a great opportunity to serve the needs of a growing market with diet restrictions who value meatless eating options. 


Greenhouse Foodstuff is a food distributing company with more than 40 years of presence in the UAE market. The company has grown exponentially over the years, widening its reach across the gulf region. Greenhouse imports premium products including Dairy, Cheese, Bakery & Pastry ingredients, Bakery & Pastry finished products, Italian Food, Asian Food, Lebanese Food, Grocery and Chef’s equipment as well as other exclusive food items both in the Foodservice and retail channels.