Why Choose Catering for Your Coffee Shop?

For most coffee and tea lovers, coffee shops are a place where you feel like home; you know the baristas and the staff knows you. You sit down on your favorite sofa, sip on your usual  foamy cappuccino and enjoy the moment. So how can you make  your coffee shop even more appealing? Offering tasty looking snacks and delicious sandwiches to your clients while they drink their favorite cup of coffee.  Here are the three main reasons why you should choose catering for your coffee shop.


Greenhouse Catering offers coffee shops and other retail stores the possibility to serve ready-made sandwiches or snacks to their customers. The real advantage, is the quality of the catered food created with Greenhouse premium products from the best brands in the world. Impress your customers with practical savoury treats they will love while having the reassurance that they are getting the best quality of food in comparison to your competitors. Moreover, with Greenhouse Catering you get innovative recipes that are tasty and unique, all prepared in a clean environment with strict hygiene regulations.


The second reason why catering is your best option is efficiency. If you pick Greenhouse for your products, you’re guaranteed to always have your shipments, fresh and ready, every morning, in addition to the quality of the food. If you decide to handle these things by yourself, you will quickly realize that not only would it triple the workload and overwhelm your employees, it also does so without ensuring that the food will actually be up to standards.


As a final point, another practical issue is transportation. Oftentimes food products get wasted for two reasons: not well-handed when being transported, and simply going past their expiry date. The advantage with Greenhouse is that we hire professionals who know exactly how to transport food and the amount needed for its optimal use.

As a conclusion, choosing catering for your coffee shop makes your life and your employees’ lives easier, as well as guaranteeing top quality. At Greenhouse, we offer to provide you with premium products, from quality cheese to authentic baked goods.