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About Us: “ Over 4 decades of experience in importing premium products”

This year has definitely introduced us to a new definition of normal. In embracing this new normal, however, should also be incorporated in our homes as more individuals are now finding themselves working from home. As your situation changes, allow us to help you reinvent your house into your oasis.





Simplicity, functionality and modernity….the perfect ingredients to your ideal home. Creating a design-forward home means creating a refined home that keeps us grounded amidst our busy lives that tends to distract us from who we really are. Your home should be a statement of the lifestyle you would like to embrace.



Less is more – make a statement by showcasing space with simple and minimalistic designs. A minimalist design doesn’t mean an empty space, but rather to show restraint and careful paring down to get a place of clarity.



Your home should not just be pleasing to the eye, but a cozy space you should enjoy spending time in. Therefore, functionality is a key ingredient in ensuring comfort in your space, because a comfortable interior equals healthy and happy individuals.



With everything from contemporary to vintage, a trendy home furnishings gives your home more character and personality that showcase who you are. Discover modern furnitures that’s sleek, chic and affordable that would definitely give life to your space.  


From carpenter to furniture enterprise

  • 1977

    Mr. Petros Hadjipetrou

    Founded in 1977 by Mr. Petros Hadjipetrou, Greenhouse Foodstuff Trading aimed to be a “One stop shop” provider for the foodservice channel in the UAE. Mr. Petros being a reference to the Foodservice society, he mainly introduced and developed the company’s brand portfolio to cover major international brands.

  • 2007

    BPC Holding

    Bought by BPC Holding in 2007 with the objective of supporting the growth path Greenhouse is continuously running on. BPC Holding, chaired by Mr. Salah Osseiran continuously invests in infrastructure, skilled personnel and resources to ensure continuity and best practices for the benefit of all the stakeholders.

  • 2014

    Major Restructuring

    Bringing our collection from design to delivery anywhere in the world, in the most efficient way possible.  Our exclusive pieces have been made available online so we can offer our designs no matter where you are in the world.

  • Today

    Izilane Trading llc

    Greenhouse Foodstuff Trading has over 4 decades of experience in importing premium products including Dairy, Cheese, Bakery & Pastry ingredients, Bakery & Pastry finished products, Italian Food, Asian Food, Lebanese Food, Grocery and Chef’s equipment as well as other exclusive food items both in Foodservice and retail channels.

Our Trading

The company’s reach and market share is dominant for both Foodservice and Retail channels covering global chains as well as homegrown, varying from 4 & 5 star hotels to fine dining and casual dining restaurants, catering and institutional customers. Greenhouse proudly partners with all leading retailers across modern and traditional trade in GCC with an unwavering commitment for shopper-based value creation.